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Nonprofit Network

Vail Valley Works’ Nonprofit Network (NPN) is a comprehensive resource for Vail Valley nonprofit organizations, providing trainings, educational and networking opportunities to sustain and grow their operations. The VVP’s Nonprofit Network strives to strengthen the connection between businesses, Vail Valley visitors, and nonprofit partners through education, networking and community awareness.

Nonprofit Learning Series

On-going learning opportunities for your entire nonprofit organization!

  • Special guest panel discussions with local funders, sponsors, and nonprofit leaders
  • Free attendance for employees and board members of 501c3 nonprofits
  • Discussions will be facilitated by Robin Thompson adding insights from her work with local nonprofit organizations

For more information or to RSVP, contact Maren at 970.477.4001.

The Nonprofit Learning Series is sponsored by the Vail Valley Partnership Nonprofit Network, Robin Thompson, and Mountain Youth.

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Vail Valley Volunteer Connection

The Vail Valley Volunteer Connection is an online resource for all VVP nonprofit members to promote their volunteer needs and to connect interested community members, new residents, second homeowners, guests and other civic organizations to our vibrant nonprofit community. Local nonprofits offer year-round opportunities for families, corporate groups, and individuals looking to make a difference.