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Professional Development Programming

What We Offer:

Vail Valley Works professional development programs fall into three focus areas:

  1. Leadership Development – Leadership is a journey and we aim to meet you where you’re at on that path. We offer courses for every level of leadership – from the newest floor supervisor, to the most seasoned CEO. New in 2023, we begin offering the “LEAD Eagle” Certification. This four-course certification is an opportunity for our local workforce to understand the stages of leadership from tactical to strategic. Each course features content focused on communication, emotional intelligence, and values-based leadership, to establish a common language for leaders across Eagle County.
  2. Specialty Courses – Vail Valley Works Specialty Courses are designed to help professionals upskill through specialized trainings. Upskilling is a proven way to bring more value to your organization and make yourself a stronger job candidate. Specialty courses may include skills-based training, professional certifications, or industry-specific programming.
  3. Online Learning – In collaboration with our partner, LearnFormula, we are pleased to offer a wide range of online learning & continuing education opportunities. These courses cover a wide range of topics and come in a variety of formats – from soft skills to CE credits. Learn at your own pace, without the hefty investment!

Why We Do It:

If a community is seriously interested in creating change and supporting innovation, it will begin with a firm commitment to analyze its challenges and to identify, educate, train, and support a team of public and private sector community leaders to attack those issues. Without that commitment, a community cannot develop the intelligent, creative, and energetic local professional network that is essential for the community to achieve its full potential.

The Business Case for Professional Development:

All employees can benefit from professional development, but many employers don’t realize how these programs can make a powerful impact on their company’s current & future success. Talent is not always easy to come by in today’s job market. With employers pulling out all the stops to attract the best candidates, you need to show that you have made an investment in their careers by offering strong professional development opportunities.

Here are just five of the many benefits to offering professional development opportunities:

  • Attract Better Talent
  • Increase Engagement And Reduce Turnover
  • Combat The Skills Shortage
  • Stay Up To Date With Industry Trends
  • Aid In Succession Planning
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